Airports from/to Manhattan, Downtown up to 100th street (including tolls)
AirportsSedanSUV (Up to 6 Passengers)
JFK 80.00 $135.00 $
LGA70.00 $105.00 $
Newark100.00 $145.00 $
Teterboro*130.00 $160.00 $
Westchester150.00 $195.00 $
McArthur180.00 $230.00 $
Sport venues from/to Manhattan (including tolls)
Sport VenuesSedanSUV (Up to 6 Passengers)
Flushing Stadium (Mets or Tennis)80.00 $120.00 $
Yankee Stadium100.00 $130.00 $
Giant Stadium*115.00 $150.00 $
Meadowlands*115.00 $150.00 $
Important Note:
All rates here are for Cash price only.
Credit card rates are subject to an extra charge for taxes and gratuity.

*From New Jersey to NYC fare varies on sedan services.
For all other inquiries do not hesitate to contact us here.
Limousine Options
 Town Car Limousine
 Cadillac Limousine
 Hummer Limousine